Blake Shelton was just named "People" magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," and the world is going crazy. Some are going crazy in support and the others not so much.

I am so shocked that the "snowflake" generation is not in up roar over the mean things that are being sad about Blake Shelton, because we are seeing bullying at it's finest. People are being so mean.

What is beautiful to one may not be beautiful to another. This year "People" looked further than just poster boy looks to pick their winner. Blake as one of the sexiest personalities on the Planet. He has amazing and infectious smile. He ain't hard on the eyes either. Speaking of eyes, he has beautiful blue eyes.

Now, lets not get caught up on the physical, he's a great person. So he drinks a little, makes him funnier. Have you seen the way he is with "The Voice" contestants. He truly cares for them. He has taken many of them to Nashville to help launch their careers.

If it wasn't for anything else, his personality could win him "Sexiest Man Alive." Blake has the most amazing personality. He's funny, witty, and just down right hilarious.

Looks don't always make a person sexy. A person could be one of the most beautiful people on the planet but if they are a nasty person, that makes them completely unsexy.

Blake I think you are a great choice.

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Ethan Miller, Getty Images

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