Doesn't matter where you go, what neighborhood you're in, what street you turn down. You can't go ANYWHERE in Midland Odessa without seeing HELP WANTED signs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Job Fairs spring up and oil companies reserve booth space so they can hire more staff, the service industries in our area seem to be perpetually understaffed because there are ALWAYS signs posted for help (and these jobs come with a pretty decent wage, too--not the $3.35 an hour minimum wage was when I was a teenager). So what gives? Why aren't people getting off their couches (or street corners with their signs) and going to work???

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Why isn't the unemployment rate ZERO here? The answer is-people are SELECTIVE these days. They don't WANT to work in places where they have to "deal" with the unruly, mouthy customers once in a while for $15 to $20 an hour. They either want the six-figure Oil Company job or nothing.


Not to sound like my parents here (or perhaps some of YOUR Grandparents) but whatever happened to work ethic? Whatever happened to earning what you have and working hard for what you want in life? Where did all those examples go? It's time to bring them back and teach the younger generation that it shouldn't be a goal to sit on their parent's couch and play video games all day and not get out and support themselves. It's not OK to want to live with your parents until you are 40 years old. Get out, get a life of your own and CREATE. WORK. EARN. And LIVE.

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