Warning! Before you read any further keep in mind a huge spoiler will be revealed. Ground Hog Day is not what you think it is!

Today is February 2nd, also know as Ground Hog Day, where legend has it that if the ground hog sees his shadow, we will see six more weeks of winter. This is a ceremony that has been going on for years, since 1886. We all know who the story goes.

I love the folklore of Ground Hog Day and all of the ceremonial aspects of it. I did a little digging into how Ground Hog Day actually works. How do you become part of the inner circle? Well, shockingly it's pretty simple, you just apply. I figured you had to be grandfathered in or be invited to this secret society type of group, but nope, just apply online.

Here is were things get a disappointing. The ground hog has no say at all in whether or not he sees his shadow. According to Wikipedia, the inner circle decides the day before.

The Inner Circle scripts the Groundhog Day ceremonies in advance, with the Inner Circle deciding beforehand whether Phil will see his shadow.[5] The Stormfax Almanac has made note of the weather conditions on each Groundhog Day since 1999; the almanac has recorded 12 incidents in a 20-year span in which the Inner Circle said the groundhog saw his shadow while the sky was cloudy or there was rain or snow coming down, and in one case said the groundhog did not see his shadow despite sunshine.

Punxsutawney Phil Makes Annual Forecast On Groundhog Day
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I feel like someone just told me Santa isn't real because I know he is. I can't believe they don't even let him really pick. I know it's a historical thing and I know the town looks forward to every year but really let Punxy just pick the scroll on his own.

I was devastated to learn that is all a shame. I will never look at Phil the same way again. Just like a man, misleading! LOL

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