After I returned from my trip, I realized I needed to clean up a couple of messes the cats had made.  I got out my old, trusty mop but the sponge-part tore off.  It was worn out.

I headed to the store Tuesday night to get a new mop.  I even got 3 replacement mop heads.
I got home and started trying to take the plastic wrap off my new mop.  In the process, I bent the metal hooks that the sponge attaches to.  There was no way to repair it. I'm tired from my trip.  I still need to clean the cat mess.  And I've broken the new mop.
I took that new mop by the handle and slammed it against the kitchen counter.  WHAM!  WHAM!  WHAM!  Again and again.  My temper got the best of me.  Then I threw the mop in the garbage bin in the alley.
I sat down for 20 minutes to calm down.  Went back to the store.  Bought the same mop and returned home.  This time, I read the directions on how you are to remove the plastic wrap that covers the mop head.
I cleaned the cat mess and had a beer (or 3).
I don't advocate losing your temper and slamming a mop handle against your kitchen counter but I have to admit, it felt pretty good!

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