I haven't been here at Lonestar 92.3 a year yet--so that still qualifies me to call myself "The New Guy", right? Well--TOMORROW on the show--I want to get to know YOU--the person who listens to Gwen and I every single morning-whether it's all morning long, just when the alarm goes off and you're in the shower--or if it's while you get kids ready or yourself ready for the day.... Even if it's just in the car on the way to work or if you're driving a truck... I'd love to be able to know more about you and get to know you better!

So--tomorrow on the show--at 6:20am--we want you to call us and tell us something about yourself. It can be something everyone knows, or something no one knows about you. Maybe you're a mystery to those you work with and only family and those close to you know you best. Maybe you're an open book to everyone. Or you're a shy, keep to yourself person. Doesn't matter. It's just the phone and the radio--so no one can see you and no one will be looking at you--call in and spill!

I know there are a lot of really good people here in the Permian Basin--and I haven't had the chance to meet many of you due to COVID and Masks and events not really happening very much. Thank goodness we're slowly getting back to life with these concerts and events starting to come back. Since I haven't had the chance to shake your hand in person, let's shake hands virtually over the phone and chat! Talk to you in the morning!

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Stacker used data from the 2020 County Health Rankings to rank every state's average life expectancy from lowest to highest. The 2020 County Health Rankings values were calculated using mortality counts from the 2016-2018 National Center for Health Statistics. The U.S. Census 2019 American Community Survey and America's Health Rankings Senior Report 2019 data were also used to provide demographics on the senior population of each state and the state's rank on senior health care, respectively.

Read on to learn the average life expectancy in each state.

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