No matter where you live--street names can vary from everything from numbers like "1st Avenue", etc to letters like "A Street".... There are common names like the names of states ("Illinois Street", "Louisiana", "Kentucky", "Kansas", even "Texas", etc). Those names--the names of Ssates--always seem to be the streets that go thru downtown areas. Also names of things like alcohol (Bourbon street, etc). Some can be unique, odd, and strange street names. We have all of them here in the Permian Basin. A combination consisting of numbers (42nd in Odessa as an example) or maybe even things like "County Road X" and "State Highway X"--to nouns like "University" street. Some have more than one pronunciation like "Cerrillos Avenue"... In English, you would pronounce the two L's. In Spanish--it would be Cerr REE os. Depending on the neighborhood, they can be pretty creative, too. Like "Conquistador"--meaning Spanish Conqueror. We also can't leave out character names as street names--like "Friar Tuck".

Then you also have the names of other towns and cities--like Big Spring Street, Montgomery, Fairbanks, and Rosemont, to name a few. Then you have the tributes to the Native Americans who were here before us... Like Ojibwa, Navajo, Kiowa, and more. There are also some named after flowers like Azalea, Juniper, Iris, Gladiola, and others. What do YOU think is the oddest street name in our area? Comment below and share so your friends can comment too--and we'll talk about the best ones on the air!

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