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One thing is for sure in West Texas-traffic is definitely picking up around here. As oil prices remain pretty stead or go up-and oil companies are hiring and expanding once again-we're starting to feel it on the roads. Commercial and private traffic is increasing. Which begs the question--what actually IS the longest street in Odessa? Talking with someone at the Streets department on the phone--they agreed with me that it's probably 42nd street. There certainly never is a shortage of traffic during the day. They thought it could be a tie between 42nd and Andrews Highway.

I'd say it's pretty close--between 42nd street and 385/Andrews Highway/Grant... When you come across from Midland into Odessa on 191 and it turns right into 42nd street--it goes all the way thru town and back out again... There's University, which runs parallel to and runs about as long as 42nd street...



Running from Loop 338 to Highway 866--University Boulevard goes right thru the center of Odessa.



Andrews Highway runs north-south thru the city and changes names-on the north end it's 385, and to the south it's Grant.



From the end of 191 to 866 this goes thru the north-central part of Odessa, parallel to University street. There are so many businesses on 42nd right as you enter town from 191, it's too many to mention--including Music City Mall. Tell us what YOU think--what is the longest street in Odessa--if you had to pick just ONE? Comment below. Next up: Midland.

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