Every morning at 8:10am, Gwen and I face-off on a new topic, and we're always on opposite sides. The question is--who's side are YOU on? Could be about anything--so far it's been about things like Favorite Chips and whether or not they belong on a sandwich, Whether or not Pets belong in Bed with you at night, and so much more! Sound off in the comments section below and tell us YOUR opinion, and who you think presented their side of the argument the best.

Today--it's all about Shopping--and whether you prefer to do it on line, or in-store. Maybe I'm just old school all the way-but I like to actually see, touch, and try on before I buy. And that goes for everything. From clothes to shoes to electronics to cars-you name it. In fact-I don't know how ANYONE can buy a CAR without ever sitting in it, test driving it, and checking out all the gadgets it has on it--in person! I just don't think you can accurately gauge whether or not you really like something unless you see it and handle it in person. And that is a LOT of money to spend on something you're going to use every single day for potentially the next decade.

Clothes--I can see buying on line, trying it on at home (especially since COVID all the fitting rooms at the stores are closed) but it's still a pain if it doesn't fit--you have to send it back. So now it's YOUR turn--Where do YOU land on the subject? Drop us a note in the comments below and we shall see who wins this great debate!

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