Every morning at 8:10am, Gwen and I face-off on a new topic, and we're always on opposite sides. The question is--who's side are YOU on? Could be about anything--so far it's been about things like Favorite Chips and whether or not they belong on a sandwich, Whether or not Pets belong in Bed with you at night, and so much more! Sound off in the comments section below and tell us YOUR opinion, and who you think presented their side of the argument the best.

Today it's all about what's easier to navigate the web and do your daily business stuff and routine... Do you mainly use a phone, or do you still rely on and use a PC? There are a few apps that can really drive you crazy on a phone and that aren't as functional as their websites are. Like Facebook for example. There are things that are way easier to accomplish on Facebook's actual website, rather then using the app. Same thing with Twitter. I know Instagram is the complete opposite and they require you to do most things using the app and NOT the actual website.

Some people don't like doing work on phones because the screen may not be the size to thier liking, and the keyboards being smaller might also pose a challenge at times, depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Computers take up space and aren't portable unless you're on a laptop or Chromebook, and then you start to run into challenges you face with a phone. It's YOUR turn--Where do YOU land on the subject? Drop us a note in the comments below and we shall see who wins this great debate!

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