Every weekday morning at 8:10am, Gwen and I debate on a topic. Could be about anything---so make sure you listen and chime in either on the phone or in the comments section below! Today's topic--whether or not pets should be allowed in bed at night with you or not. Some people have allergies and still have pets--so it's out of the question that they are that close at night... Others say their pet moving around wakes them up in the middle of the night so they can't do it. I sleep like a rock at night so that doesn't bother me at all.

We have three dogs--and two of the three have their own crates they sleep in at night. But our "middle furry child"--our Shih Tzu, who is around 10 years old--sleeps with us. Her name is Lexi and she's a sweet little one. She mainly stays by my wife's feet (my wife is her "person"), so she's on that side of the bed when we go to sleep. However--she slowly migrates her way towards dad through the night and a lot of mornings when the alarm goes off at 4:20am, she's right up against my leg.

I don't mind it. Some people think it's not appropriate or just plain don't like the idea, but I think if you're a true 100% animal lover-you don't or won't mind it. There is also the argument (which I'm sure Gwen will pose on the air) about dogs that shed, and the hair being in bed. Fortunately that isn't a concern with Lex because she doesn't shed. She's just a cuddly buddy, and honestly when it's a chilly night outside, that's an added bonus when you first get under those covers.

Sound off below on what your take on the subject is--we'd love to hear it. We'll see who wins this one!

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