Today's Gwen and Gunner's Great Date is hot coffee vs cold coffee. I think it is pretty obvious which one I chose, hot coffee. Gunner likes cold coffee and if you think we make these up, it's the truth.

I never really drank cold coffee before Gunner came along. At some point he started bringing us coffee every morning and I just assumed it would be hot coffee. He asked me what I liked and I said white chocolate mocha, so I just thought he would bring the hot one. Nope, it was the cold frap, which was fine, it was still good. From then on when Gunner picked up coffee for us it was always cold coffee so I have become more accustomed to it.

I drink coffee every single morning, some mornings I have more than one cup. I am the type of person who takes the first drink of coffee and it feels like it touches my soul. I am also very particular with how I make my coffee. When I was in Hawaii a few years ago I fell in love with their coffee. It's the perfect kind of strong. I usually have sugar free sweet cream, not matter what I have to have cream. Although I not a fan of vanilla or hazelnut cream. The only flavor I really like other than sweet cream is the snickers creamer. I also put sugar in my coffee but it has to be stevia. I started using stevia years ago and to me it makes my coffee the perfect level of sweet. Now if it's not available I will use real sugar or Splenda or Equal. I do not sweet and low at all.

But make not mistake I take coffee over cold coffee any day, and I think most people agree.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown


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