Every morning at 8:10am, Gwen and I face-off on a new topic, and we're always on opposite sides. The question is--who's side are YOU on? Could be about anything--so far it's been about things like Favorite Chips and whether or not they belong on a sandwich, Whether or not Pets belong in Bed with you at night, and so much more! Sound off in the comments section below and tell us YOUR opinion, and who you think presented their side of the argument the best.

Today--it's all about whether or not you want to read the book, or just see the movie. Gwen is on the side of "see the movie" to save time, while I'd rather read the book. I enjoy the intimate details movies just can't share. Like what a character is thinking while they're doing what they're doing. What drove them to the actions they are taking and the thought process behind it. What they are feeling at a given moment. All things that are much more difficult to share in a movie without a ton of extra dialogue or a narrator, which 99% don't have. Sure--the book takes more time to get thru--but you can also do it at your own pace and you're not forced to sit down for 2 hours straight in a theater. Granted--you could just wait for it on demand too. So there's that. But I still think the book is the way to go.

It's YOUR turn--Where do YOU land on the subject? Drop us a note in the comments below and we shall see who wins this great debate!

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