Every morning at 8:10am, Gwen and I Face-Off about a different topic and what's the best, what's better than the rest. Today--it's the best chips! There are SO MANY to choose from. Depends on personal taste of course-but it also depends on the setting. At least it does for me. If you're at a party, and there are chip bowls--you tend to look for the scoops and the salsa dish; and likely something like Doritos or Cheetos. If you're at a bar-b-que and you're doing burgers and brats or hot dogs, more than likely you're looking for the Cheddar and Sour Cream stuff.

Also depends on your age, too, I think. For example--my step kids LOVE all the hot stuff. Flaming Hot Cheetos and Jalapeno Chips, those Takis or whatever they are... They love all that stuff. I can't do it. Tears me up. I've always just been a simple guy--give me my tried and true Classic Lays. Nice and thin and crispy crunchy salty goodness!! They go perfect in every single setting. And they sell them in the big Family Size bag so there's plenty to go around the table for everyone!

I think the perfect chip is one that adds to the other food experience. I'm not one that will just sit and eat chips by themselves. I usually like them when accompanied by the main course at lunch or dinner. And I also like the ones who don't necessarily detract from the taste of the main course. So Classic Lays are PERFECT.

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