Sometimes you just don't have the time to get your Halloween costume together. Getting a whole outfit together can be annoying if you make a homemade costume.

Buying them from the store can be pricey and something they just don't fit as they should. As I have aged, my love for Halloween has not.

It took minimum effort for me to order my daughter's Demogorgon costume from Etsy and I order a Vecna mask from Party City.

The problem now comes with finding an outfit to wear with the mask. This mask becomes a problem going out before Halloween to family events because it is so bulky. Plus, my daughter doesn't like it if I wear it for too long.

So I need an alternative outfit.

That is where Instagram Reels and TikTok come in. Scrolling through these apps, I have found an easy but creepy costume, that requires minium effort.

A spider.

Just look at how creepy that is, yet so gorgeous. A very impressive paint job that can not be done so easily.

I struggle to even do a simple cat eye, but this spider is a whole new level of makeup. All I can think about is where am I going to get a black contact?

Maybe if you have dark brown eyes you don't need black contact. Yet, aren't some spiders multiple colors?

Honestly whatever is easier. I might just pull a 'Mean Girls' and wear lingerie and mouse ears.

As I continue to search for an easy second costume, feel free to enjoy this spider-inspired scare.

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