Today is a big day in music history. Today in 1977, the King of Rocking Roll died. The world lost the biggest artist they had ever seen, Elvis Presely.

The King of Rocking Roll Elvis Aaron Presley died in his Graceland Mansion at the age of 42. Fans flocked to Memphis in droves to mourn outside of his home and they still do to this day. On Elvis's birthday and the anniversary of his death 41 years later, fan still gather on the grounds of Graceland.

I had the pleasure of touring Graceland about 10 years ago. If you ever get the chance you should definitely do it.

Here is something you may not know about Elvis's death, I didn't know this. The official cause of his death was cardiac arrhythmia. But at the time of his death his colon was twice its normal size due to a buildup of "white fecal matter" Some believe that Elvis actually died of constipation.

Elvis Definitely left his mark on the world and changed the face of music forever.

Keystone, Getty Images


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