Every year as February comes to a close-I always get excited. Not only because it means there are only a few weeks left to winter. And not just because it means we get an extra hour of sunlight turning the clocks ahead in March. No--it's because one of my favorite things in life that's always only available for a limited time--returns just in time for the wearing 'o' the green and St. Patrick's Day! Of course, I'm talking about the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. It's usually on a 4 to 5-week run when it returns-and that typically starts a few weeks prior to the 17th. So-by that math-we only have til the end of March to get one until they're gone until next year.

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Even though it wouldn't make sense to bring it back in the same fashion they do with the McRib that everyone gets so excited about (McRib isn't centered around a holiday that comes once a year so they can bring it back multiple times if they want to) I would love to see it come back late summer as a tasty way to cool off in the West Texas heat! I know there are ways to also make this tasty treat at home, too. If you read below and keep scrolling there's a recipe on what ingredients you can use. My parents used to make it at home with a recipe that included the Grasshopper drink mix with no alcohol-just ice cream and milk but this one is extract-based. Check it out and share it with your friends who love it too!

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