It's National Ice Cream Month and during the entire month of July, I will be writing about one of the local establishments that I stopped at to check out and see what they've got to offer. I want to patronize local establishments only--not the national chain places. So if you have a favorite place to go get ice cream--drop me a note and let me know! I remember as a kid growing up-my Dad had a home made ice cream maker. I can picture the thing--the big black bucket with the mechanism that attached to the top that would stir the mixture... I remember him measuring and adding all the ingredients and giving different flavors a try. The one I remember liking the most was some sort of pink cotton candy ice cream concoction that he came up with that had tiny little pieces of bubble gum in it too.

Lots of fond memories too as a child of running out to greet the ice cream truck as it drove by. Back in my day we didn't have the trucks in our neighborhood that played the music as they drove down the street to let you know they were coming. We had the old Good Humor trucks with the bells that the driver had to ring on a rope as they drove down the street. I have fond memories of scrambling to run in the house, get money and run back out before the truck flew past down the street and I was out of luck.

This will be the place to come back to so we can discuss the best of West Texas' Ice Cream Parlors/shops!

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