Are you a texter? Would you rather call than text? Many people would rather text then have someone call them. I know people who will let the phone ring until it stops and then text you, like you  never called them. That is not me. I would rather make one quick phone call  then go back and forth texting. Now by me saying I a person who would rather call than text, I am also saying I am a bad texter.

I am so bad at texting. First and foremost, I am bad about texting back, especially if I am busy, or I will think I text you back and didn't. Another reason that makes me bad at texting is because I am that person that texting people hate. I am that person that you can write me a book via text and I will text back, OK or gotcha. I am not so bad that I just text back "K" but I am a short answer responder.

Another thing that makes me a bad texter is that sometimes you can't understand my text at all. The other day I text someone something and they responded back with "please translate." What happens is my brain works faster than my fingers do, so when I think I have completely written something out, I totally haven't.  Not only have I missed words but auto correct has put in a word that doesn't make sense at all. I am not only that way texting but I am also that way in writing these articles and typing emails, that is why I am a vocal person and would rather talk than text.

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