We have heard of being snowed in, but tumbleweeded in is officially a thing here in Texas.

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I won't lie, I've never seen more than one tumbleweed blowing in the wind in my life. It's something you think of when see a standoff in an old western. Right before the draw, random tumbleweed just blows by.


Now I can imagine these thing can be a nuisance if you got a bunch of them blowing in your yard. Maybe they get caught on your bushes or fence and you just throw them over and let them tumble away to annoy someone else. Well it looks like the town of Wolfforth, Texas is the tumbleweed capital of the world.

It looks like many alleyways in the town were just piled up with tumbleweeds. Some folks had their doors and vehicles covered in them. The worst part is that no one can drive through these alleyways until they're removed. You can't just drive through them because they're extremely flammable. With all these things piled up, you're going to have one quick fire spreading across the community.

I decided to look up what a tumbleweed is because I had no idea. Apparently once it fully matures, it breaks away from the ground. While its tumbling, it's releasing more seeds so that they can grow into new plants, that will also go on to make tumbleweeds. Looks like the town of Wolfforth not only has to deal with these piles, but I imagine a lot of seeds have been spread in their town due to this pileup.

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