The Texas Department Of Public Safety has issued a new policy saying some 200+  Texas State Troopers have to slim down and lose weight or face disciplinary action. If you're male with a waist size over 40, or female with a waist size over 35, you can be removed from duties or passed over for promotions and/or any overtime hours. It's definitely a controversial issue-can your job dictate your physical appearance or how "in shape" you are? Television news anchors, in certain situations, don't have control over their appearance contractually. The station they work for can dictate haircut/hairstyle, hair color, wardrobe, etc. I've also heard of Gyms not allowing personal trainers and workers to be over a certain waist size.

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So all of us here at the station wondered-what do YOU think of this ultimatum? The argument could be made that in the Trooper's situation, they NEED to be physically fit to perform daily duties encountering the public and the 'bad guys", so to speak... They need to be able to give chase and have endurance on the job, and being overweight can hinder that. On the other hand, can a job go as far as to set limitations on the body and physical appearance? Is that legal or 'Constitutional'? WHAT WOULD YOU DO if your job suddenly came to you one day and said you needed to slim down or face the consequences? Join Jenny Craig, hit the gym, or find a lawyer and sue? Comment below and tell us what YOU think!

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