I've never been to Fort Worth but I can tell you that if I ever do go, my first stop is going to be to Second Rodeo Brewing!

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Second Rodeo Brewing, located at 122 E. Exchange Ave., where their motto is "Because it sure as hell ain't my first", has recently gotten the attention of Twitter and it's all thanks to George Costanza! George Costanza was portrayed by Jason Alexander on the hit sitcom Seinfeld, and one iconic image from the show has gotten his attention.

Twitter user Scott Lonski uploaded a picture of the restroom at Second Rodeo brewing and fans of Seinfeld will instantly recognize the photo on the stalls, as well as fans of Friends. Lonski tagged Alexander in the photo to which Alexander had the perfect reply, check it out below.

Yes, that is indeed Joey Tribbiani staring at George Costanza's iconic boudoir shot! It kind of sounds like Joey is telling George: "how YOU doin'?"

The boudoir shot is from the season eight episode titled "The Package". Now, I've never really watched Seinfeld, but just watching the clip had me dying of laughter at the "timeless art of seduction".

No word from Matt LeBlanc.

But, Second Rodeo Brewing is no stranger to their unique bathroom photos. Just last month they shared this photo of their ladies restroom that proudly displays the iconic Burt Reynolds Playgirl centerfold, complete with a strategically placed cowboy hat.

Elsewhere in their gentlemen's restroom is this "sexy image" as well:

You can see other funny photos Second Rodeo Brewing has in their restrooms here. Yee-haw!

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