Texas continues to grow, and with growth inevitably comes change.

One change that we certainly can all agree on is the expansion of opportunities for women. Growth in that area has been exponential, but there's always room for improvement.

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We Have The Numbers

Thankfully data exists to show us how every state is doing in expanded chances for women to live happy, successful live, but where does the Lone Star State rank, and why?

The Data Shows Interesting Results

Unfortunately, it seems Texas might have a lot more work to do when it comes to the happiness of women.

That's according to data compiled by WalletHub, which ranked Texas among the worst states for women overall. Let's look at why they ranked us so low, then talk about whether or not the data paints a fair portrait of life here in Texas.

Wait A Minute, How Was Texas Ranked So Low When It Comes to Women's Lives?

Data analyzed by WalletHub indicates Texas is one of the worst states for women. Here's what the numbers say. Do you agree?

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