The late great Charley Pride was honored by the Texas Rangers baseball team by naming their practice field after him.

On Sunday the Texas Rangers revealed on social media that they have named one of their fields at their practice facility in Sunrise, AZ, after Charley Pride.

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated General Manger Chris Young has kind words to say about Charley Pride:

"Charley Pride was a very special person," general manager Chris Young said during the unveiling. "As we dedicate this field to him today, it's important to remember who he was and the way he lived his life. This guy left nothing to chance. He lived life to its fullest. And I think every time we take this field or any field for that matter, we want to do the same.

"We honor Charlie, we honor all Ranger fans with the way we go about it on a daily basis. ... Charley's name on this field represents who we are and what we want to be. Charlie was a champion, our number one fan, and this is a special day to celebrate him."

“The Rangers have been honored to have Mr. Pride be a part of the team’s ownership group for the last ten years,"

I did know that Charley Pride played professional basin and also played in the Negro league in the 60's but I had no idea he was part owner of the Texas Rangers. As the article states he was part owner in the group that purchased the team in 2010.

I was so glad I got to interview and see Charley Pride a few years ago.

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