There is a list going around that would have any Texan or New Mexican curious where they stand. The list that is going around describes what 30 states are most sinful for according to ALot.

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Now clearly this would peak anyone in Texas or New Mexico's curiosity because it sure spiked mine. Any Texan or New Mexican would want to know what kind of sins their hometown state is most known for.

But sure enough, the list of the 30 most sinful states did in fact include Texas and New Mexico. New Mexico happens to be somewhat at the top of the list and is most known for the most home break-ins.

Sure other states may also have tons of break-ins but it isn't like New Mexico. After all, New Mexico sits at the number one spot for home break-ins.

If you want a hint as to what Texas is most sinful for we get A LOT of texts on our mobile devices about it. Giving you a hint like is pretty much a dead giveaway but Texas is most sinful for kidnappings.

Anyone who lives in Texas knows how often we get Amber Alerts in the Lone Star State. Plus, we should know because of how often our mobile devices go off for each alert.

As a parent, there is nothing like feeling anxiety for the other parents living their worst nightmare. If you have kids then you know how scary it is to think about situations such as that.

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