The Texas House of Representatives voted 87-59 to decriminalize marijuana.

What does this mean?

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana in Texas. This would not legalize the use or possession of marijuana, it would make the punishment less severe. If the Senate passes this bill you would no longer face jail time for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana. The bill would also make the offense a Class C Misdemeanor which would make the fine $500 or less and not show up on your record. As of now the punishment for possession of marijuana could be up to 180 days in jail or a maximum fine of $2000.

The bill also states that those in possession of two ounces or less would be ticketed and released and would not face jail time. It also states that if you have a marijuana conviction of under two ounces you could pay a $30 fee to have it removed from your record.

On Wednesday, House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee held a hearing addressing the sale and growth of marijuana. This would allow persons to possess up to 2.5 ounces and be able to have up to 12 plants to grow their own, as long as the plants were grown in a secure enclosed space.


House Bill 3562 proposes there would be a 10% tax on marijuana and the revenue made from the sale of marijuana would go to local municipalities.

So what happens next?

The next step would be for the Senate to approve the bill and the governor to sign it into law. Greg Abbott has shown support for the bill the last two times it has been proposed, so now we just wait to see what the Senate decides.

Do you think marijuana should be legalized?

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