I blame the heat, traffic and terrible football teams. Turns out Texas has three of the most foul-mouthed cities in the U.S.

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When it comes to cussing, Texas reigns supreme you M-Fer!

Swearing is Good For You

C'mon, dropping an F bomb when you get angry does feel kinda good right? Way better than something PG like ‘gosh darn’. A recent British study from Keele University found that swearing is actually good for us. First of it's really harmless although there are those who might get super offended by hearing you drop F bomb after F bomb but in reality, it's a creative emotional release that can make you feel stronger.

Cussing is a coping mechanism and can help us feel more resilient. It works for!

Granny Cussed Like a Sailor

Profanity is something that runs in my family. My Granny would drop the S bomb more often than I can remember. Growing up I just thought it was funny to listen to this little old lady swear at my Grandpa and Uncles while treating me like the sweet little angel that I am.

My parents however, never used profanity around us when we were little. A "damn" or "hell" maybe, but not the big swear words and you know the ones I'm talking about.

Texans Curse the Most

Preply ran a study to determine which U.S. cities were the most foul-mouthed and Texas landed three in the top 13. The only other state to have more than one city was California. According to the study, here are the top 13:

1. Columbus, OH
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Jacksonville, FL
4. Oklahoma City, OK
5. Dallas, TX
6. Philadelphia, PA
7. Indianapolis, IN
8. San Francisco, PA
9. Fort Worth, TX
10. Louisville, KY
11. Washington, D.C.
12. Los Angeles, CA
13. Austin, TX

Way to let er Fn' rip Texas! Makes me proud.

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