The Lone Star State is majestic in so many ways, we can't list them all in this article. One of the ways is all of the amazing cities that exist within its borders. Each location with it's own set of sites to see, things to learn, and experiences all unique to themselves-all within the borders of one State. Which got me thinking that's very similar to a person, isn't it? Everyone is unique-from their appearance to their likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, goals, hobbies and other interests... Very similar to Texas cities. So why not choose a name for your newborn from the amazing tally of names right here at home? There are over 1,200 cities within our borders here, and we won't list them all. If you know of one we miss, add it to the comments below so we can inspire new parents to pick a name that ties their little bundle of joy to home.

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Some ideas we've thought about for boys:


R.C. Slocum
Brian Bahr

Blake Shelton's song proves this is a great name for either gender.



The Raven of Texas... Sam's last name as a first name means a great leader.


Welcome to Dallas

A good strong name that works for either gender.


attachment-RS35889_Tyler Mural

A Young actor in the making-all the ladies will fall for this one.

Beaumont (Call him Beau)

Jacob Ammentorp Lund

The guy you can always count on when you need a hand or a true friend.

Laredo (Larry for short)

Immigration And Border Security Issues Loom Heavy In Upcoming U.S. Elections
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A boy filled with Country charm.


2019 Winter TCA Tour - Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries - Arrivals
Getty Images

(General Hospital and Jack Wagner couldn't be wrong)


UTSA v North Texas
Getty Images

A born football player who will make Dad proud, but when the camera is on him he'll say HI MOM.

And some we thought about for Girls:


NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
Getty Images

Dallas could be a boy OR a girl. Great name either way!


AFL U16 Girls Championship - Vic Country v Vic Metro
Getty Images

A strong name for a young lady with strong beliefs and convictions.


The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast In Los Angeles
Kevin Winter

A Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice character


Tribute In Light Projects Into NYC Sky On 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks
Getty Images

One name says it all. She's independent. The teenage years will be challenging but the adult will shine with strength.

Feel Free to add your own in the comments below if we missed a great idea. Even if you don't go with a Texas city name for your new family addition-please don't be a Kanye West or Gwyneth Paltrow or Bruce Willis, please. No "North" and "West" or "Apple" or "Rumor". Fight the temptation to be 'original' by giving your child some unusual unorthodox name. They are the ones who will have to fight off the bullies at school, not you.

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