Each year, when the change of season rolls around-we all catch a new perspective of the world and what's to come. Especially when it's the transition from winter to spring. The frost and periodic ice spells (and perhaps even small dusting of snow) evaporate into warmer temperatures and wet weather to wake up all the vegetation that's here for the season. Granted it's 75% dirt, 25% green here in the Permian-but we'll take the 25% we can get to make it a bit prettier around here! The Almanac was spot-on when it predicted the winter that we just had in West Texas, so I'm inclined to believe the accuracy will continue into Spring. And I'm ok with that because we just planted rose bushes in the new flower box along with the front windows of the house, in addition to having a tree ring constructed from brick that we planted a tree in last fall. I'm ready to see it all 'spring' back to life with the temps and watering!

So we look to the Farmer's Almanac for Spring 2022-and it says that BOTH temperatures AND precipitation will be above normal for April. So as we get started on the month (and this is NO joke!)--watch for extra rainstorms to occur. And when they're heavy or severe, of course, follow severe weather protocol, be safe, and protect your loved ones-including pets! A small piece of advice to go along with this news-ya might wanna wait to put the cushions outside on the patio furniture til May. Either that or you're going to be constantly putting them away and taking them back out with the off-and-on stormy weather. On second thought-might be good additional exercise!

Be safe and enjoy Spring 2022!

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