The National Weather Service of Midland has measured the actual temperatures of a few common surfaces and hot they really are. You have always heard the saying it's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, I don't think that's just an old saying.

With triple-digit temps being the norm these days the National Weather Service of Midland took a look at hot temperatures really measure in these extreme conditions.

Grass: 103F
Lighter Concrete: 137F
Asphalt: 153F
Car dashboard without sunshade: 190F
Car seat without sunshade: 147F
Car dashboard with sunshade: 142F
Car seat with sunshade: 122F
Air temp inside the car: 134F
Small sample size, but a sunshade does provide some protection from the heat inside a car. These temperatures illustrate why you should never leave children or pets in a car, even for short amounts of time.
This is why it is so important to not leave your children in their car seats when they don't have to or make sure you let your car cool off before you put your babies in their car seats.
Another thing I don't think people think about is their pets. If the sidewalk burns your feet don't you think it is going to burn theirs too. I see people all the time out walking their dogs in this heat. As you can see above sidewalk temps in triple-digit heat are over 130 degrees.
You should also be aware of water when you first turn the water hose on. If the hose has been sitting out in the sun, the water that first comes out could severely burn you.
Please be careful. If you have to be out in the heat make sure to stay hydrated with water or something with electrolytes. Wear light-colored clothing. Put sunscreen on and stay in the shade when you can.

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