2nd Chance Prom

My Experience at the 2nd Chance Prom (PHOTOS)
Well, last weekend was the prom and I haven't had a chance this week to give you the lowdown on how things went for Shopgirl (my eHarmony girl from Austin) and I.
She came in Saturday afternoon and I took her for drinks and then out to dinner.  I...
10 Reasons to Go to Prom
I understand you may still be on the fence about going to the 2nd Chance Prom.  But I have some ideas about why you should go to the prom that may help.
How to Ask a Girl to the Prom
The Townsquare Media Second Chance Prom is coming up Saturday, May 23rd at Midland Center. Today I went to get fitted for my tux.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't really looking forward to it until yesterday.