In session since last Friday, Summer Mummers is back at the Yucca Theatre and runs through September 2nd. Join Midland Community Theatre as they celebrate 65 years of producing a summer-long fundraising event for the Operating Fund of Midland. This year's show is all about the summer of '69.


Below is the synopsis from

Psychedelic Trip to the Summer of '69 Written by Mark Gabaldon. Fed up with the state of the world, hateful Ed (our Villain) decides to build a time machine to take him back to a simpler time where his evil could reign supreme! But where to go! “We’re going to ruin the most peaceful time in American history! WOODSTOCK!” There Neil Handstrong (our Hero), a recent graduate of the Astronaut College at A&M, and his best friend Garth Uncle, are enjoying their last night before the Moon-Launch with Lilly Lovesong (our Heroine) and her bestie, Janis Jobless, two free-spirited flower children.  Little do they know that plans are afoot to kidnap Jimi Hendrix and put the space program in danger! Will Neil ever make it to the Moon?  Will sweet Lilly discover free love? Will Hateful Ed succeed in his time travel treachery? Go back to the Yucca Theatre and find out!

Join Lonestar 92 in our Summer of Fun out at the Yucca Theatre every weekend this summer and celebrate the arts. For tickets or more info visit and click on the Summer Mummer's logo.

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