Even though the Calendar says the official first day of summer is next Sunday June 20th, Mother Nature has other ideas. We'll see the hottest temps of the year so far TODAY here in West Texas with the highs between 105-110, depending on where you are. It's as if we really had no spring. It was rainy and cold and felt a lot like March, then all of a sudden we're sunny and in the 100's.

But let's be good neighbors and make sure the elderly have working air conditioning and fans, and everyone has plenty to drink to stay hydrated. Wear light clothing and if you have to work outside or you're planning to hit the pool today--use sunscreen! Let's be careful when it comes to using objects that have been outside in the sun for a while too--like a hot garden hose or tool that's been in the sun. Cell phones also don't like direct sunlight so make sure it's sitting in the shade if you're outside laying out or working so you don't damage it with the heat.

We have today and tomorrow in the 100's, then we cool down to the mid to upper 90's all next week and get a "cool front" for a bit. But we all know the 100's will be back soon enough as it's that time of year once again. It's also a great reminder today to be mindful of pets. Something new to me being from up north is the West Texas concept of an "outside dog'. Where I come from, dogs are NEVER just left outside around the clock-they live in the house with the family and only go outside to go potty or for a walk, or if the family is all out on the back yard cooking out or something on a weekend. Otherwise they are indoors with us. Please keep in mind they need full water dishes and don't leave the water dish in direct sunlight or the water will get hot. They also need shelter from direct sun themselves. Of course, here's an idea--BRING THEM INSIDE IN THE AIR CONDITIONING WITH YOU and you won't have to worry about any of it.

And needless to say--DO NOT LEAVE AN ANIMAL IN A HOT CAR UNATTENDED. If I walk by your car and see that--it's a great way for you to get your window smashed in. You've been warned :-) Sta cool out there--and let's take care of each other as we embark upon another summer in West Texas--a week early.

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