We may have run across the most ostentatious home EVER, located in Sugar Land, Texas.

I mean, we've seen so over-the-top, luxurious homes. But this one might actually be fit for a queen or king. This mega-mansion sits on 1.68 acres, boasts 9 bedrooms, and FOURTEEN bathrooms, and offers close to 20,000 square feet of living space for the "bargain" price of $10.9 million. (Oh that's all?)

From the moment you drive through the front gate and pause elegantly under the covered parking by the front door, you've been whisked away into some Italianate fairytale. Then, as you walk in you're greeted by an opulent grand marble double staircase and a rotunda of Tiffany-style glass sure to inspire awe for most of us.

All throughout the home, you'll see intricate detail, Venetian plastered walls, and marble floors. Windows for days let in that gorgeous light and provide views right out of a storybook. Plus, as you'll see in the photos, I'm not sure if I've ever seen quite so many chandeliers dangling in one home.

There are only a couple of things about this spectacular place that leaves us wondering: 'What were they thinking?'

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And that actually leads to one of our only questions. Why the heck would they use THIS kind of lighting in the enormous master closet? Anyway, you'll see what we mean when you check out the photos below.

I feel certain it would be quite possible to become lost in a place like this. But happily so. Who knows, maybe one could find some secret passageways during the initial exploration of this palatial estate.

As one might expect, there are formal entertaining areas, as well as more "casual" areas designed for the family in residence. But even those "casual" areas seem pretty formal to most of us.

And then outside, there's that sparkling pool with exquisite water features... Well, I think the photos will explain it better than I ever could.

Let's take a look:

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