Have you ever come across something at the grocery store and thought, wow that is strange? The other day I went in to get a few things including hamburger meat and I saw this.

I like to try to watch what I eat, for the most part. I try to by lean meat when I buy beef. I don't buy it often but when I do I always try to get the one with the less fat. But I did not know they now had diet beef. Apparently this is a real thing.

Like I said I always look for the leanest meat and the one with the less fat but does it make it more appealing now that is has a diet sticker on it? I was telling my friend about it  and she too thought it was weird. Diet hamburger meat sound weird doesn't it? As far as I know and can tell it is just the same with less and fat and it's really lean, just of course cost a little more.

What I like about it too, is that is comes in a nice sized package.

Mostly I think this is a marketing ploy from the store to get you to buy it. If you think it's better for you, you will buy it! What do you think?


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