Our little dog Bryn is a sick little girl... And finding a Veterinarian that specializes in GI medicine here in the Permian isn't proving to be an easy feat. She's been to a few vets, and they've done scopes on her tummy--and they don't find any mass or any obvious indicator of something going wrong--aside from a lot of inflammation of her stomach walls and a lot of built-up gas.

Poor little thing has been on multiple rounds of antibiotics and tummy medicine to help relieve gas and indigestion... But nothing seems to be working to reduce the inflammation or to give her some relief. To her little credit--she remains active and is very playful; she also continues to eat--even though most of the time she ends up vomiting most of it back up overnight.

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She's only about 3 to 6 years old (we don't know exactly since we adopted her 2 years ago as a rescue from the local animal shelter. She's a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mix and she's our little baby... It's been a tough road for her the past month or so and we keep searching for answers and for a Vet who really knows this area of study. The hard part is-the ones who specialize in this are not only far away, but they also either need a recommendation from another Vet to even talk to you-or they don't accept patients from out of town at all.


If you know of a Vet Office who specializes in this area, or can recommend someone who does--drop me a note here so that we can get her seen please. Send a message HERE and thank you!

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