Last night was the 52nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards live from Las Vegas. While I am a fan the artist I could have counted the country performances on one hand.

Last night I seriously thought I was watching a pop music awards show. Luke and Dierks were cute, but not that funny. I really like Kelsea Ballerini, but baby your butt cheeks were showing. This is country music and your are not Beyonce and you are not going to the swimming pool. Put some clothes on. I really liked Thomas Rhett and Marin Morris's performance but once again I thought I was watching an MTV performance.

I am going to sound very hypocritical when I sang this, I like FGL's music but I do not like them in country music at all. I cannot believe that them along with the Back Street Boys were the highlight of the show. Merle and Johnny Cash are rolling over in their graves.

The only performances I actually liked last night were Reba, Miranda, Tim and Faith, and Lady Antebellum.

Although, I did love the fact that Aaron Watson was the star of Keith Urban's first performance. Speaking of multiple performances, why did the same artist perform multiple times, when other great artist could have performed?

I say leave it up to the CMA! I also don't agree with some of the award winners either. Carrie Underwood should have won Female Vocalist of the Year, Keith Urban should have won for "Blue."  I don't agree with FGL's with for collaboration. That should have gone to the CMA song and something else could have won video.

These of course are just my thoughts. You can agree or disagree, but I would love to know what you think!

Luke and Dierks ACM Awards
Ethan Miller, Getty Images


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