Alright, let's make an incredibly long story incredible short.

TCU wanted to "keep it purple." 

Texas Tech fans complained to the TCU Athletic Director. He responded.

Texas Tech announced a massive NIL deal for the entire football team. TCU's recruiting coordinator responded. 

Everyone put a cactus emoji in their Twitter handle. 

Caught up? Good.

If you thought Twitter emoji cacti was good, how about the real deal? That's the exact thought of some subscribers from Red Raiders Sports. Their members raised over $3,000 by noon on July 19th and sent a crate full of little cactus buddies to the TCU coach's offices in Fort Worth.

Not only did they send them, but two members of RRS actually hand delivered those bad boys to the coaches. You can see a photo of them posing in front of the recruiting coordinator's office below:

How did they get into the facility? I have no idea, but Sonny Dykes, TCU's head coach, is a Red Raider, so maybe he let them in.

They even left a note: "Since you aren't coming to play in the desert this fall," it reads, " we brought the desert to you."

Absolute genius, and the amount of petty I aspire to attain someday.

Is that the end? Who do you think you're dealing with?

Some Texas Tech fans are just buying season tickets to TCU's games to let the games they don't attend sit empty. Absolutely savage.

The cacti, the tickets, the emojis -- that's all been really fun. But none of it matters if the team doesn't win games. That's what we're all so hungry for. That's why incredible hype videos like this one have us frothing at the mouth.

The opening line. The word people being in purple. The collection of tweets.

It all adds up to a perfect video. Just watch it.

Enjoy the cactus. Be the cactus. Embrace the cactus.

We are the desert.

63 Photos of Cactus just because.

I love the desert.

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