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The Great Debate: To Wear Socks or Go Barefoot

I am definitely a barefoot person. I do not like to have anything on my feet. I used to go barefoot all the time. I never wore shoes as a especially when I was a kid.  My feet were as tough as anything. Even up until the last few years I didn't like to wear shoes at all. I would be barefoot anytime I could be.

My feet control my body temperature so if my feet get hot so do I. I can't wear sock whatsoever when I sleep unless it's 0 degrees outside and my heater is not working. I even sleep with my feet out from under the covers. I can bundled up in blankets but my feet are sticking out. I need for my feet to breathe.  I don't really walk around outside anymore with no shoes, but no shoes indoors.

Babys feet
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Now I will say that after I got my tile floors I started wearing shoes a lot more often

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