I get so tired of hearing all time, " you're not married?" " You don't have kids?"  No! And guess what it's ok! God hasn't decided to bless me with those things in life.

We all have a lot in life and its different for everyone but it doesn't mean it's any less important. Some people in life are called to be doctors and lawyers, and nurses, and teachers. Myself, God has put me on the radio, and at this time in life has not made me a mother or a wife.

If he made me a wife earlier in life I would have screwed it up! LOL I was definitely not ready to be a wife and whose to say I am now! LOL! Here is the thing about me. I don't worry about those things in my life and you shouldn't either. When God decides it's time for me it will happen and until then, it's not going to!

You don't know what's going on in my life and I don't know what's going on in yours. Maybe I can't I have kids. Maybe every time someone ask the question, why don't you have kids, I am reminded of the fact that I can't full fill the dream of being a mother. Maybe when someone asked, why are you married, I am reminded of how alone I am and sent back into dark place I was barely able to crawl out of just to come to work today.

I am not saying that person is me but, it could be someone, you cross paths with everyday. You don't know someone's plan in life. You don't God's plan for someone's life. Just people people don't have the same things going on in their life doesn't mean they are are not just as busy or aren't doing something just as important.

You can't demean someone's life because it's not the same as yours. You don't know the struggles someone is going through in life or the struggles that they have been through. Don't judge the book by it's cover.  And baby we all live in a glass house so be careful where you throw that stone.

Be careful what you say to people, you may mean know harm at all, but it could be a devastating shot to the heart.


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