We've all experienced it. Whether you're in a hurry or not, late to get somewhere like to work, people waiting to meet you at one of our amazing local restaurants--whatever. You're driving along and POOF! The light at the Loop 250 intersection flips to RED. And you sit and you sit and you wait and you wait and you start to play with your phone or look around and you wait even longer... I've never actually sat and hit a timer to see just exactly how long it takes for the lights to change at any Loop 250 intersection--but it seems like an eternity, compared to any other intersection in West Texas.

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It's a rare occasion you role up to a Loop 250 intersection and THIS is what you see:

*Courtesy of Google Street View


And I get it... The Loop is filled with oil field traffic, both work trucks, pickups, Semis, and local residential folks all trying to get somewhere and on time. And Loop access has to allow for bigger, longer vehicles to make those turns and ramp up on the on-ramps. I understand all of that--there just has to be a better way. Even with the Loop reconstruction project at Midkiff this year it doesn't seem to have fixed much of the issue. People are still using the lanes incorrectly and crisscrossing lanes and almost causing accidents. I just don't think we need to sit at a light for 8 minutes (maybe a slight exaggeration). What do YOU think?

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