You've been there. You're hanging with your friends or significant other and you have the radio on Lonestar 92.3 in the car... You're both singing along to the song on the radio--and just as the chorus starts--you sing one line, and your car mate sings SOMETHING ELSE. And you stop... And you're like "Hey--wait a second! Those aren't the words!! That's not what they're saying!". Then after a debate for a few minutes--someone says "Look it up On Line!". So you go to your favorite on line search engine and type in the song title and look up the lyrics.... And BAM! You were right and your car mate was WRONG!

For me it's usually the other way around--I was wrong and they were right lol. But it's always funny! And how in the world were arguments like this settled before we could ever look up lyrics on line? Sure--back in the old days--sometimes artists would include lyrics on album covers or sleeves... But not always! That's when you call Lonestar 92.3 and ask the personality on the air what the words are--and hope that they know!

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There are always the usual jokes about misheard lyrics like the infamous Elton John song "Tiny Dancer" and "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza!"... But there are also a ton of them in Country music as well. If you've got a funny one you got busted on--Gwen and I would love to hear about it! Drop us a note or call us and let us know! Mine was "Drift Away"---"Give me the Beat Boys and Free My Soul"--I always thought was "Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul".....

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