We all have our ways of getting things started every morning when we get out of bed. Some people's routines have them eating a healthy hearty breakfast before hitting the road to go to work (or hitting the stairs to go to the home office after breakfast), while others barely have time to get the kids taken care of before they have to run out the door to drop kiddos off at school, then make it to work on time. They're lucky if they have the time to swing thru a drive thru and get that cup of coffee they need because either the office doesn't provide any, or like me they don't particularly enjoy the office's brand of coffee.

If you're one that does the drive thru thing, and you're not bringing anything from home in the to-go cup from the kitchen, you have plenty of choices here in the Midland-Odessa area for that morning liquid life... Locally owned shops, not just the chain ones. There's a great list of them on the Midland AF website that showcases the many different choices and what they offer. Because shopping LOCAL means food and beverage too--not just for that new pair of boots you've been eyeing.

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Here's the complete list from Midland AF.

My personal favorite? The Human Bean. My typical order there is the "Snowy"-as I love White Chocolate Mocha. I'm a cold blended drink guy--so I get my snowy blended with whipper cream--and I love that they put the bean on top the whipped cream as a little bonus--SO GOOD! But admittedly, after reading this list--I'm stoked to try these places and see what they have to offer. Join me--and let's keep our dollars local here in the Permian!

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