There is never a shortage of TikTok challenges going around. Some are dangerous, some stupid, and some funny.

The latest challenge is called the "Pantyhose Candle Challenge" and grown women everywhere are doing it.

When I first saw the trending news of this challenge, I figured it was probably dangerous but it's actually hilarious and I would love to do it with my friends. The object of the game is to pull a pair of pantyhose over your head, and then try to blow out a candle.  The funniest part is how silly your face looks smashed inside the nylons.

Please if any of you do this, share your videos with us.




Ladies how fun would this be on a girl's night? Can you imagine after a few drinks or some wine how even more hilarious this would be?

About a year ago people were doing the milk crate challenge. That was where people would stack plastic milk crates in a pyramid and try to climb up one side and down the other. This challenge resulted in many injuries and someone actually died doing it. Then there was one lady who did it in a pair of high heels with no trouble at all.

There was recently the Sprite challenge. This one was to see how much Sprite you could drink without burping first.

We can't forget to mention the tortilla challenge. With this one, you put water in your mouth and the other person hits you with a tortilla trying to get you to spit the water out of your mouth.

Again, some challenges are funny, some are stupid and some are dangerous, so be careful before trying any of these at home.




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