It's always been said that Santa knows when you have been naughty or nice and that Santa is always watching and listening, in my case he was paying close attention.

One morning on the morning show Gunner and I were talking about things we always wanted as a kid and never got. I mentioned that I had always wanted a Lite Brite and never got one. I think I got everything else I ever asked for but never got a Lite Brite.

All of my friends had one and I always wanted one and they always had a Easy Bake Oven, which I actually did get one those from my aunt and uncle, so I could check that off the list. But never the Lite Bright.

My parents had been telling me they were so excited to for me to see what Santa was gong to bring me and when they say things like that sometimes I get a little worried but Santa likes to be a funny guy sometimes. Like last year when Santa brought my mom a large cardboard cutout of my face.

I was so excited Christmas morning to unwrap my gift to find out it was a Lite Bright. I was excited like a little kid. Here is the bad part, I haven't even played with it yet. I was going to play with it on New Year's Day and send out a Happy New Year but I never got around to it. I did play with my ring light. I wanted to be like all the cool kids so I asked for a ring light. LOL 

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