This post contains a potential SPOILER for Marvel’s Secret Invasion series.

You would think the guy that plays Nick Fury, Marvel’s greatest spy, would be better at keeping a secret...

Apparently not. Appearing at a live interview recently, Samuel L. Jackson let slip one of the previously unannounced cast members in his upcoming Disney+ series, Secret InvasionWhile he and interviewer Josh Horowitz were discussing the show’s impressive roster of actors, Jackson threw out the name Martin Freeman — who nobody outside of Marvel knew was on the show. Freeman previously appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as CIA agent Everett Ross.

So the invasion isn’t so secret anymore, back off!

“How amazing is that? Martin Freeman,” Jackson said. “Come on. When I walked in the room and Olivia Colman was standing there ... We just started laughing, and when we started to work, it was so glorious and such a ball. We were just kind of having a good time. She is so amazing and so effective in a scene.”

You can watch Jackson’s comments below.

Given that Secret Invasion includes Fury as well as Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill, it’s not too shocking that Everett Ross is involved too; this is basically Marvel’s show about espionage and aliens, so he makes a lot of sense in that context. For all we know, he’ll appear in the show’s first trailer and this wouldn’t have been a secret for long. And it’s also possible his role is nothing more than a cameo. But it’s definitely out there now.

Secret Invasion doesn’t have an official release date yet, but is expected to premiere before the end of 2022. The series will run for six episodes.

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