The Great Debate:

Today's  Gwen and Gunner's Great Debate is saltine crackers vs Ritz crackers. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what side I'm on. I am saltines all the way because we all know I am salty AF.  I eat saltines on everything. Everything is good on saltines and no everything is good on Ritz. Saltines can make you feel better when you are sick, do Ritz do that, nope.

According Nutritionix the most popular is Cheez It followed by Ritz. Saltines crackers came in at number 5. I was totally shocked by that. I would have thought they would have been number 1. I know Cheez it's are popular but I didn't know they would be number 1.

I eat saltines with just about anything. I eat crackers with soup, with my gumbo, my curry, and so much more. I know a lot of people who crackers with their salad. I will put tuna fish or chicken salad on crackers. Peanut butter on crackers. I can even just get a package of crackers and eat them plain. I love to eat saltines and drink Sprite or Dr. Pepper. I love sweet and salty together.

The only thing I will give Gunner credit for with Ritz crackers are the fact that they are better for dips. You will see Ritz crackers out with appetizers more than you will see any other kind of crackers.

I also have to have name brand saltine crackers most of the time the off brands aren't the same. They taste different.

Soda Crackers - ideal as a snack and with soup






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