Lots of road construction going on in Midland with the Loop 250 and 191 ramps that are being flipped around, in addition to the projects that have been underway in Odessa on 42nd street and headed toward downtown Midland on A Street near Golf Course rd, etc. Seems like everywhere you drive, there are lane reductions and in peak travel times more of a delay than usual-but such is the time of the year for those things. And not that I'd like to add to all the fun with yet ANOTHER project that needs to be added to the list, but I'm going to jump in with a suggestion here that may have at least a little support from some folks in agreement that it needs to be done. (Those are likely the folks like me that this particular thing has 'happened to' who'd like to see an option added to the area).


I'm talking about the fact that if you happen to jump on 191 off 1788 heading toward Odessa-and you're headed to the strip mall that has Grub, Cork & Pig, Walk-On's, and the breakfast place 'Flipped' in it... But accidentally get off on Faudree instead of Billy Hext Drive to make the Loop around backward to get there--you're then completely screwed because you literally have to drive almost 3 miles all the way back to Midland and the 1788/191 intersection in order to flip back around and head the other way and stay on 191 to Billy Hext. It's absolutely insane! So my suggestion would be at some point (hopefully close to the halfway mark) that construction be done to somehow add an off-ramp / loop-around ramp so that you could head back the other way if by chance you goofed and exited too early. Just saying that options would be nice instead of driving 6 miles out of the way if ya don't have to with gas prices what they are right now especially... Thoughts? Comment below!

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