Much attention has been drawn to the area around Wadley Barron Park, otherwise known as the "Duck Pond."  As many of you know the Midland Police Department shut down the duck pond on January 17th and 18th. We now know that the park will be closed until further notice. The park will have officers around the clock to make sure no one enters the park. A DPS helicopter has been seen flying over the area throughout the day.

The Midland Police Department along with Texas DPS and the Texas Rangers are in the process of evidence recovery in the area. Law Enforcement is in search of evidence that pertains to a double homicide that occurred on December 17th. News of a firearm being recovered is confirmed by MPD in a statement to the media. The firearm in question is believed to have been in the water for a long period of time but is not related to the case in question.

According to NewWest9: 

McCright said crews will continue searching into the following week at least and asked citizens to avoid the area and let the crews work. There will also be security watching the scene overnight to make sure nothing gets disturbed.

On January 17th, the crime scene unit as well as divers were seen at the park.

Chief Deputy McCright also confirmed that the rumors going around social media of a serial killer in Midland are false. He called the stories quote "a false narrative."  Also, rumors of remains being found in the duck pond are also false and not related to the two sets of remains found in south Midland last week.  MPD

Following a weeklong investigation, officers with the MPD arrested 29-year-old Jordan Pierre Golden on December 22 for Capital Murder in the deaths of Anjaya Saddler and Decamren Sims.

At around 1:26 a.m. on December 17, Midland Police Department arrived at The Ranch Apartments, located at 4315 Neely Ave, in reference to a call for shots fired.

Upon arriving, officers found two gunshot victims identified as 20-year-old female Anjaya Saddler and 22-year-old male Decamren Sims inside an apartment, deceased.

While on the scene, officers were notified that another gunshot victim, 21-year-old male Deondrick Sims, drove himself to the hospital. He is in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. MPD




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