We are so excited to have been celebrating our LoneStar92 Country Care for St. Jude Kid's Radiothon. Every year we spend two days raising money for St. Jude and because of all of you, we have been able to donate over $2.3 million, plus the money will raise this year.

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Several years ago we had the pleasure of meeting the Treadaway family from Midland. When their son Trevor was three years old he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time the Treadaways had been told that the tumor was inoperable and there was basically no hope. When they arrived at St Jude the doctors there had a different plan, they were able to remove 98% of his tumor. Trevor is now a high school student at Midland High and is thriving, a normal teenage boy.

As you know, Robin Williams was a very big advocate for St. Jude and was a part of many of their campaigns and one of those campaigns included our very own Trevor Treadaway. Trevor got the opportunity to shoot one of the Thanks and Giving commercials with Robin Williams. Check it out! He was so little! LOL


St. Jude shares the breakthroughs it makes, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children.
More cancer clinical trials than any other children’s hospital Children at St. Jude receive leading therapies in a compassionate setting, while learnings are shared with researchers and doctors to help more kids.

Families at St. Jude never pay for travel, treatment, housing, or food.

Become a Partner In Hope and support the kids at St Jude. They need you!

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