Today, March 6,1845, The Battle of the Alamo came to an end,the thirteen day siege in probably the most memorable battle in the Texas Revolution.

The Battle of the Almo begin on February 23, 1845 and came to end on March 6, 1845. The Battle of the Alamo was the biggest defeat for the Texas Revolutionist.

Being severely out number the Texans held on as long as they could. On the final day of

HISTORY Celebrates Epic New Miniseries "Texas Rising" With Red Carpet "Texas Honors" Event At The Alamo
Rick Kern

fighting, they had held off two attacks but couldn't with stand a third. The Texans were fighting with about 150-200 men and the Mexican Army attacked with about 600.

The Alamo was the most devastating  loss of the Texas Revolution, hence the term, "Remember the Alamo"

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